Famous Jewish immigrations in Argentina

Working with immigration records we found the following interesting ones. They are the immigration records of Jewish people who later became famous Argentinean.

Maurice Minkowski: Jewish Polish painter. He was born in Warsaw in 1873. He arrived in Buenos Aires on August 8, 1930 with part of his work (67 pictures) to make a presentation. A few days later he was struck by a car.

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Miguel Najdorf: Jewish Polish chess master. He was born in Warsaw in 1910. He arrived in Argentina on August 21, 1939, ten days before the beginning of the World War II to compete in the World Chess Championship in Buenos Aires. He could not return to Europe until 1946, and his wife and little daughter were murdered by the nazis.

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Jacobo Timerman: Jewish journalist. He came to Buenos Aires with his family as a child. He was a bold journalist, founder of several magazines such as «Primera Plana»and the famous newspaper &lquo;La Opinion». He was kidnapped and tortured by the military dictatorship in Argentina and managed to emigrate to Israel until the return of democracy.

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Jose Ber Gelbard: Jewish Argentinean businessman and Economy Minister in 1973. He was born in Radomsk in 1917 and arrived in Buenos Aires on April 1st, 1930. President Hector J. Campora appointed him Minister of Economy on May 25, 1973 and President Peron ans his wife President Isabel Martinez confirmed him in his charge until October 21, 1974.

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