Moisesville Jewish Colonies

List of the Jewish farmers in the JCA colonies in Moisesville area, Santa Fe, Argentina.

Jewish Colonies of Moisesville, Santa Fe, Argentina

This list is based on the Argentina 1895 Census. These surnames belong to Russian Jewish people who came to Argentina organized by the Jewish Colonization Asociation.
They were arriving at the port of Buenos Aires from 1890 on ships such as Weser, Bismarck and Orione and then settled in the colonies of Moisesville area, land purchased by the Jewish Colonization Asociation.
There they learned the farm jobs and then each family received a portion of the land to work.

Jewish Colonies included in this area are:

  • * Moisesville
  • * Palacios
  • * Monigotes
  • * Las Palmeras
  • * Ceres
  • * San Cristobal
  • * Montefiore

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Jewish farmers in Moises Ville area