Jewish Obituaries for day 15/10/2011

These are the Jewish obituaries for day 15/10/2011 published in the argentinean newspaper "LA NACION".
They are listed in spanish, as they are originally published. Below each Jewish obituary you will find an english autotranslation provided by google.


DRAN, Manuel , Z.L., falleció el 15-10-2001. - A 10 años de tu partida, permaneces en el recuerdo de tus familiares y amigos.
DRAN, Manuel, ZL, died on 10.15.2001. - 10 years of your game, stay in the memory of your family and friends.

KLASSE, Isay , falleció el 10-10- 2011. - Antonio y Marta Salonia despiden con hondo pesar al querido amigo y se solidarizan con su familia y los amigos en común.
KLASSE, Isay, died 10-10 - 2011. - Antonio and Marta Salonia with deep regret to say goodbye dear friend and sympathize with his family and friends in common.

NIEBIESKI, Manuela Laszewicki de (Matilde) , Z.L., falleció el 12-10-2011. - Manuel Arslanian SA acompaña con afecto a Pedro, Saúl y Roberto Niebieski en este difícil momento.
Niebieski, Manuela Laszewicki of (Matilda), ZL, died on 12.10.2011. - Manuel Arslanian SA affection accompanied by Peter Saul and Robert Niebieski at this difficult time.

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