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Jewish Obituaries for day 17/10/2011

These are the Jewish obituaries for day 17/10/2011 published in the argentinean newspaper "LA NACION".
They are listed in spanish, as they are originally published. Below each Jewish obituary you will find an english autotranslation provided by google.


DUNOWICZ, Yaacov , Z.L., falleció en Israel el 16-10-2011. - Con gran tristeza acompañamos a nuestra hermana Leonor y su familia por la pérdida de su marido. Dolly y Mauricio e hijos Raquel, Daniel, Armando, Silvia, Edith y Daniel.
DUNOWICZ, Yaacov, ZL, died in Israel on 16/10/2011. - With great sadness we accompany our sister Eleanor and her family for the loss of her husband. Dolly and Mauritius and children Rachel, Daniel, Armando, Silvia, Edith and Daniel.

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