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Jewish Obituaries for day 08/11/2011

These are the Jewish obituaries for day 08/11/2011 published in the argentinean newspaper "LA NACION".
They are listed in spanish, as they are originally published. Below each Jewish obituary you will find an english autotranslation provided by google.


FAUR, Alberto Oscar , Z.L. - 19 años sin tus sonrisas. Cada día, estas presente en nuestras vidas. Papi, mami, hermanos, cuñada y sobrinos.
FAUR, Alberto Oscar, ZL - 19 years without your smile. Every day you are present in our lives. Dad, mom, brothers, sister and nephews.

SCHWEITZER, Roberto , Z.L., falleció el 6-11-2011. - Sus íntimos amigos Jorge Elman y Víctor Brener participan con tristeza su fallecimiento.
SCHWEITZER, Robert, ZL, died on 06.11.2011. - His closest friends and Victor Jorge Elman Brener involved with sadness his death.

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