Between 1882 and 1960 arrived to the Port of Buenos Aires, main port of Argentina, 2,313 ships transporting new immigrant to these lands of peace.
Some of them hoping to find new opportunities to work and progress. Others escaping the European wars.

The ship BEACON GRANGE arrived 17 times to the Port of Buenos Aires, Argentina bringing immigrants from Europe.
This is a list of arrivals of the ship BEACON GRANGE, by clicking on each of them you will find a list of passengers (may be incomplete) for that arrival.

The available fields for each immigration record are name, age at arrival, marital status, occupation, religion, nationality, ship, boarding port, date of arrival and town of birth.

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List of arrivals of the ship BEACON GRANGE to Buenos Aires

Apr 01, 1899 Mar 02, 1907 Jun 02, 1907 Sep 01, 1907 Jul 03, 1909
Mar 01, 1910 Sep 02, 1910 Nov 25, 1911 Sep 02, 1912 Jun 03, 1938
Aug 28, 1938 Nov 30, 1938 Jan 27, 1939 May 03, 1939 Jul 28, 1939
Apr 12, 1940 Jun 23, 1940

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